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Almond Hulling Machines

New range of patented all-in-one almond hullers.

The BHC Combo Huller® features hulling, sizing and triple aspiration for unbeatable efficency in a small footprint.

  • Features
    • 5-in-one machine, patented design
    • Great hulling quality, produces high in-shell % and low meats
    • Suitable for all varieties of almonds, soft or hard shell (Non-pareil, Carmel, Mission, Independence, Marcona, Guara, Ferragnes, etc)
    • Quick cleaning and low maintenance requirements, no rubber parts
    • Easy to operate
    • Can handle higher moisture product
  • Models & Capacities
    Models available for up to 22,000 lb/h input product.
  • Options
    • VFD
    • Torque Control
    • Control Panel
    • Electronic actuators for aspiration settings
    • ModBus® TCP / Modbus® RTU Communication
    • Optional stainless steel construction/product contact

High Capacity Rotative Hullers

Redesigned and improved rotative hulling system: the most effective way to get inshell almonds in a single pass. Models with capacities up to 20,000 lb/hr


  • Great hulling quality, produces high in-shell % and low meats
  • Suitable for all varieties of almonds, soft or hard shell (Non-pareil, Carmel, Mission, Independence, Marcona, Guara, Ferragnes, etc)
  • Qucik cleaning and low maintenance requiriments, no rubber parts
  • Easy to operate
  • Can handle higher moisture product

Rotative Hullers & Pre-hullers

Affordable single or double huller models efficiently produce clean in-shell almonds. Compact and proven design, with VFD speed control and optional systems for precise feeding and load control.

Models available with capacities between 2,000 and 5,000 lb/h, with the possibility of running in parallel and easy to expand existing lines.

In combination with our pre-cleaning systems and our separators and scalping decks, these machines are a very convenient option for clients who wish to process their own harvest or for projects with limited budgets but with the possibility of future expansion.

Almond Shelling Machines

Shear Rolls

Solid and reliable design for smooth but high performance shelling.


  • Standard 36-inch belt width
  • Easy adjustments and maintenance.
  • Standard belt and built-in VFD control.
  • High capacity, up to 30,000 lb/h
  • Multiple sets of accessories available:
    • Electric actuator for adjustment system.
    • aspiration systems
    • feeders
    • level sensors
    • samplers
    • Control system for integration with the Borrell Smart Shelling System®

The HyperQuadro® range of machines encompasses multiple improvements applied to the unique and patented Borrell® technology for cracking almonds.

These are machines that classify the almonds by size and shell all sizes in parallel.

We present new machines with better results, both in efficiency and in shelling quality. The new improvements allow almonds of all varieties to be processed, with different models and capacities available, with an input capacity of up to 10,000 lb/h.

In addition to models for Almonds, models suitable for Hazelnuts, Pistachios, Walnuts, Brazil nuts, Baru nuts, Peach and Apricot kernerls and Pine nuts are available.

Rotary Shellers

Rotary type shelling machines are a very efficient alternative for shelling some varieties of almonds, especially those with soft and semi-soft shells.

They are a convenient option in compact installations and as a complement to other dehulling systems, such as our HyperQuadro machines, our Shear Rolls and other systems.

The machines have speed and load control by VFD and different options for their feeding and control.

New redesigned models are available to improve efficiency and results, as well as to facilitate maintenance and cleaning of the equipment, with different designs with capacities of up to 10,000 and 20,000 lb/h.

Sorting, Cleaning & Pre-Cleaning

The Borrell Smart Sorter® family of machines provide an outstanding solution for sorting almonds by gravimetry in difficult product flows, with high levels of by-products and foreign materials.

Its design, the motion configuration and the multiple control possibilities allow obtaining highly effective and efficient results in the sorting process.

The Borrell Smart Sorter® has become a bestseller and an ever-evolving family of machines in which improvements, new features and models are constantly being introduced.

Some of the typical applications of the machine are the effective separation of shells from almond kernels, the sorting and recovery of almond hash product or the separation of inshell almonds from almond kernels, among others.

Contact us for more information or to request a demo of the machine.

Borrell® Separators

Our almond separators machines are one of the symbols of our company, since it is the evolution of our original design with 100 years of history

Get to know some of its authentic and outstanding features:

  • High aspiration precision easily adjustable by actuator & control panel.
  • High quality sorting and cleaning for any variety of almond.
  • Efficient & optimized multi-circuit aspiration system, with optimization of the circuits to achieve greater sensitivity and easy regulation.
  • Available models made of carbon steel and stainless steel.
  • Wide variety of screens types, sizes and materials.
  • Models available in various sizes, configurations and capacities, with up to 10,000 lb/h, depending on the model and the application.
  • Models available for other nuts such as hazelnuts, pistachios, peanuts, walnuts and seeds.


Our destoner machines sort and clean the almonds, separating high-density materials: stones, metals, crystals and other foreign materials. These machines are essential to condition the product and protect the processing lines.

We offer a range of machines of various sizes, capacities and performance levels suitable for each stage of the process.

  • Heavy duty, high capacity models are available. They're ready to separate foreign material in the most difficult conditions, such as pre-cleaning lines, hulling and shelling lines.
  • Wide range of models available for standard and special applications.
  • Compact models suitable for separating foreign materials from almond kernels available, with optional stainless steel construction.

De-stickers & De-twiggers

The removal of foreign materials is very important in any type of almond processing.

Between all the pre-cleaning and cleaning stages, the separation of wooden sticks and small twigs is especially complex due to the typical shapes and densities of these materials.

It is therefore essential to have adequate and optimized equipment for capacity and performance requirements in an appropriate way.

Get to know the different ranges of machines manufactured by Borrell® for the reliable removal of sticks and twigs:

  • Heavy duty high capacity (up to 55,000 lb/h) de-stickers to separate large sticks. Solid construction with reinforced chain-screen system developed by Borrell®
  • De-twigger machines to separate small twigs of different sizes, capacities and features for a reliable separation.
  • Designed to fit easily into Borrell® complete lines and to reduce transitions between machines.

Blowers & Cyclones

Sorting applications using blowers and cyclones require proper sizing, design and control to achieve the correct balance between sensitivity and performance.

We have a multitude of models of different sizes, designs and capacities suitable for any pneumatic separation requirement in any phase of the processing of almonds and other nuts.

  • High capacity, heavy duty blowers/cyclones for almonds with high performance and easy operation, suitable for applications with a high product flow.
  • Compact models with built-in single or double blowing circuit turbine (for a second pass) for separation of almond kernels, splits, skins, hulls, pieces, shells and by-products.
  • Range of models with high sensitivity and capacity, hygienic design, stainless steel construction, with built-in feeding and dust collection systems.

Aspirators & Airlegs

Aspiration sorting equipment is required at many stages during almond processing. This equipment must be effective and well designed to guarantee maximum efficiency, since an incorrect selection of equipment can result in energy and production cost overruns.

Multiple options and additional equipment are available for our airlegs and aspirators for almonds and other nuts, both to adjust the proper vacuum and air speed, feeding systems, rotary discharges and equipment for dust collection and air filtering.

  • Borrell® has all kinds of systems that fit perfectly in all our complete lines of machinery for processing almonds and other nuts.
  • Our wide range of designs includes compact aspirators that integrate the main components in a single device, easy to commission and integrate into any processing line.
  • We select the right fan for each application and we size centralized pneumatic circuits. We manufacture our own fans for some specific applications.
Sizers, Sifters & Screeners

New range of smooth-vibration sizers, avilable with side or bottom discharges and optimized for pieces/ounce type sizing of almonds or other nuts.

This series of machines has been developed to meet the sizing needs of applications that require gentle vibration but high processing capacity and advanced features such as self-cleaning screens and screen size adjustment systems.

  • The Turbo Sort Screen® machines combine Borrell®'s solid and successful experience in the field of designing and manufacturing reliable shaking systems with new operating configurations and deck design.
  • Many spare parts and optional parts such as gauge mechanisms are common and compatible with other Borrell® machines and electronic control options are available.
  • The shakers can be powered by a solid and reliable vibratory drive train developed by Borrell® with eccentric push rod systems or by vibratory rotary motors, depending on the model and the application.

Borrell® Precision UHX Sizers

This range of sizer machines provides extraordinary reliability and precision results, obtaining margins of error below 3% with respect to the desired sizes.

Achieving these results requires a unique deck design that transports the almonds up the hill so they bounce smoothly and properly over the screens, always at a specific amplitude and frequency combination.

The screens are easily interchangeable, there are all kinds of sizes and combinations for all applications and they are mounted by levels on the deck of the machine.

Most models of this type provide 5 sizes in a single pass plus an additional outlet for the dust. There are machines with all the outlets on the front of the machine and others with outlets on the side and under the machine.

There are different models available, with different capacities (between 1,000 and 20,000 lb/hr) and models for special applications. All machines are available in carbon steel construction, stainless steel product contact, or integrally stainless steel construction.

The vibration of the machines is driven by a solid and well-experienced system developed by Borrell®. These systems are among the first original designs and patents made by our company 100 years ago and have been conveniently updated and improved. Rotary vibratory motor driven machines are also available, depending on the machine model and the specific application.

Scalping Decks & Distributors

We have expanded our complete range of machines with new models of scalping decks and distributor-type screeners.

  • Powered by Turbo Sort Screen® technology. New design options and precise control of machine operation.
  • Wide range of models available for standard and special applications, available with adjustable and self-cleaning screens.

Thickness Sizers

Our extensive catalog of sizers for almonds and nuts also includes thick sizer type machines, useful for separating whole kernels from splits and brokens, for separating husks and pewees

Other typical applications are their use as classifiers or sizers to obtain the sizes required in some processes (such as walnut cracking) or for direct marketing.

Models available for special applications, built entirely in stainless steel and to be integrated into Borrell® lines for peeling, cutting or processing almonds.

Orbital Sieves/Sifters

Orbital type sieves are a suitable alternative for sieving and screening almond flour.

We have an affordable range driven by an eccentric motor assembly, in different screen diameters, according to the desired capacity and with 2, 3 or 4 screening circuits.

For the most demanding applications, where both the final quality and the hygiene and productivity requirements are maximum, we supply models manufactured by Russell Finex®, whose features include:

  • Clamp system for fixing the sieve that allows quick opening and closing, reducing sanitization and maintenance time.
  • Vibration driven by rotary motors.
  • Reduced height, discharge from the bottom, easy to integrate into complete lines and avoid chutes and transitions.

All models, including those from Russell Finex®, are available with different screen options, including self-cleaning screen systems, control systems, load sensors, feed systems and control panel.

Rotary Sizers

Rotary screen systems are an alternative to consider in some screening processes, such as the recovery of almond brokens & splits, the separation of shell/inshell and the cleaning of almond hash, among others.

Our rotary screeners/sizers are robust in construction and reliable in operation. The machines are designed to be able to operate in parallel in the form of modules.

Several options are available: size and shape of the perforations, shape of the screen (cylindrical or octahedral), construction in carbon or stainless steel, feeding systems, rotation control and control panel.

Conveying & Feeding

C & Z Bucket Elevators

  • New Borrell Smart Elevator® product range, universal C/Z reversible buckets, higher performance, reliability & capacity
  • Wide range of models, configurations, options and capacities available
  • New high-performance reversible C-Z universal type buckets, for single or multiple circuits, in food grade plastic or made of stainless steel.
  • We have special hygienic design models for special applications (flour transport, thermal applications, multiple discharges) and custom bucket and body designs.

Vibratory Conveyors

Borrell® has extensive experience in the manufacture of vibratory conveyors, offering models and designs for all process needs, including systems driven by rotary motors and push-rod type devices.

  • More than 100 models & designs available
  • Multiple options: screens, speed/load controls and stainless construction
  • Wide range of designs, lengths, widths and motion types.

Belt Conveyors

Complete range of conveyor belts optimized to transport almonds and other nuts.

  • High capacity / Heavy duty models available
  • Stainless steel body & special application models as option
  • Wide range of designs, lengths, widths and belt types.

Bucket Elevators

Borrell® manufactures bucket elevators optimized for lifting almonds and other nuts, with capacities from 5,000 to 60,000 lb/h and heights of up to 100 ft.

  • Wide range of models and capacities
  • Indoor or Outdoor models
  • Several bucket designs and options

Screw Conveyors / Augers

We have all kinds of screw conveyors specially designed and dimensioned for the transport of almonds and shells.

  • Push or pull type models available with multiple options of diameters, thread design, lengths & capacities
  • Open or closed designs, horizontal or inclined configurations, single or multiple feed and discharge points options available
  • Optional stainless steel construction. Special application models available

Electromagnetic Feeders & Conveyors

We supply electromagnetic feeders of different designs and capacities, optimized to feed our machines and processing lines.

  • Standard and custom vibratory pan/tray designs, for single or multiple vibratory bodies and as well for special applications.
  • In collaboration with our partner Cox & Plant we also offer advanced electromagnetic vibration systems applied to vibratory trays, vibrating tubes and vibratory elevators.
  • Multiple control and automation options: control panels, accelerometers, level sensors, digital communication and mechanical accessories (hoppers, supports, etc.)
Almond Blanching Machines

Hot Water Scalders

A perfect blanching process is essential to obtain quality blanched almonds and the highest levels of performance.

We offer the most efficient and reliable range of almond scalding machines, based on a smooth and precise conveying system for the product, driven through a hot water tank designed to optimize the thermal stability of the process and minimize water and energy consumption.

Our models are also designed to facilitate the cleaning and sanitizing of the equipment and their operation and maintenance are extremely simple, without chain systems or internal plastic parts. The entire metal structure of the machine and all product contact surfaces are made of stainless steel.

These machines are offered by Borrell® in close collaboration with our partner Mejisa® and are an essential part of our complete almond peeling lines, installed and operating on four continents.

  • Features
    • Leading innovation & design
    • Efficient scalding system, low water/energy consumption
    • System with double auger transport screw
    • Hot water tank with adjustable automatic renewal and temperature control by steam injection.
    • Hygienic design. Full stainless steel construction & product contact.
    • No internal plastic/rubber parts nor chains or cables for conveying
    • Quick cleaning and low maintenance requirements
    • System with double auger transport screw
    • PID temperature control, consistent internal temperature
    • Suitable for all varieties of almonds, soft or hard shell (Non-pareil, Carmel, Mission, Independence, Marcona, Guara, Ferragnes, etc)
  • Models & Capacities
    • Model 200: Compact, Low-Cost Hot Water Scalder,capacity up to 1,300 lb/h
    • Model 300: Advanced Hot Water Scalder, capacity up to 3,300 lb/h
    • Model 400: High capacity Hot Water Scalder, capacity up to 6,500 lb/h
  • Options
    • Up to 5 log pasteurization (subject to on-site validation)
    • Control panel
    • Olney® Washer/De-stoner machine
    • De-watering screens
    • Culinary filters for steam
    • Temperature logger
    • Water quality monitoring
    • Gas/Electric/Biomass/Almond Shell Boilers
    • Solar panels for water pre-heating

Blanchers / Peelers

Our range of machines achieve exceptional results due to their unique design and advanced features.

  • Patented modular interchangeable blanching rolls
  • Electronic, high precision eccentric-type, roller positioning system.
  • Hygienic design, easy sanitation, lower downtime, higher energy efficiency
  • 2 pass system, lower % splits & brokens
  • Accurate skin removal, using the integrated blowing system and our almond skin vacuum assemblies, get higher yields
  • High performance and capacity ranges, from 1,000 to 10,000 lb/h

  • Hygienic design, easy to inspect, clean and sanitize
  • Quick maintenance using lightweight insertable rolls
  • Improve quality & performance while reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Excellent quality results, high yield and minimal broken/split

De-watering Screens

Dewatering decks are very important in almond blanching processes, both before and after the blanching rolls.

Effective removal of water from the almond surface is especially critical for more efficient separation of skin from the almond kernel.


  • Machines are built in stainless steel, taking into account hygienic and performance criteria. The design allows easy maintenance and monitoring, as well as fast and effective cleaning of the machine.
  • The vibration has been optimized for the process, as well as the dimensions, adjusted according to the needs of each process.
  • Stainless steel screen systems that are easy to assemble and disassemble using quick fasteners.
  • We offer different standard models to fit in our process lines and custom models as well.

Skin Removal Aspirators

Borrell® offers aspirator sets specifically designed for the efficient separation of almond skins in blanching processes.

Together with our dewatering decks, these systems are very important to obtain the maximum yield in the process.

Main features:

  • Consistent and easily adjustable aspiration, both in flow rate and air speed.
  • Heavy duty, erosion resistant, fan type.
  • Built-in VFD control.
  • Different models and sizes depending on each need, standard and customized models.
  • Accessories available for the conveying and drying of the almond skins.
  • Various types of mechanical gauges & digital displays available.

Steam Injection Scalders

In addition to our advanced hot water blanching machines, Borrell offers blanching systems that use only steam injection as a means of heat treatment.

These systems provide very interesting advantages from the point of view of energy and resource savings, not only due to the lower volume of water needed for the process, but also due to a lower addition of moisture to the almonds, which results in even greater savings.

The counterpart of these systems is a slightly higher process temperature and greater difficulty in achieving the thermal uniformity required by the process, which can affect the results of the blanching process.

At Borrell® we have managed to optimize our technology to minimize the drawbacks of this technology and make the most of its advantages, offering systems that can be adapted according to the client's processing needs.

The models are available for capacities of 2,000 and 4,000 lb/h and their configuration is studied and customized according to the needs of each project by our engineering department.

Hazelnut/Peanut Blanchers

Borrell® offers machines for peeling hazelnuts and peanuts.

This process is carried out dry, with abrasive systems and requires that the product (peanuts or hazelnuts) be previously roasted and cooled to allow the skin to be removed.

The machines are simple and offer good performance in a small space, with capacities of up to 5,000 lb/h, depending on the model.

Double and single units and various lengths and types of abrasive rolls are available.

These units are usually installed in conjunction with optical sorting lines with the option of reprocessing grains that need a second pass.

For the required roasting and cooling processes, we recommend the Borrell® roasting and cooling lines.

Some of the available options are:

  • Aspiration in the machine and discharge.
  • Feeding system with electromagnetic vibrator
  • Speed control by VFD
  • Control Panel
Dryers & Coolers

Continuous Belt Dryer/Cooler

Borrell® stainless steel continuous belt dryers are compact modular units that integrate the dryer and the cooler in a single unit.

We manufacture reliable and solidly built dryers, with high-efficiency thermal insulation and multiple configurations & capacities available thanks to its modular design.

Our equipment has an advanced heat recirculation system and/or thermal recuperators (according to models), obtaining high efficiency in all types of applications.

They are available with different types of heat source: hot water/steam, gas (burners) or electrical

These dryers/coolers are ideal to be integrated in small and medium-large capacity blanching lines, as well in high capacity lines having several drying stages (primary/secondary).

Multi-pass Dryers

Borrell® multi-pass dryers are designed to provide uniform, efficient and consistent drying at low process temperatures.

This type of system is available in 4 and 6 pass models. Its typical applications are drying in high-capacity almond blanching lines or for gentle drying of natural almond kernels. With this type of system, long drying times and high capacities can be achieved, which allows its use in dehydration systems.

Our models are of modular construction and there is a wide range of configurations and performances available depending on the processing requirements. The conveying system has been improved and redesigned to optimize drying and prevent breakdowns. The new articulated tray systems transfer the product between levels and another smoothly.

The solid construction and the quality of the thermal insulation guarantee efficient operation, with many alternatives being available as a heat source: gas burner systems, steam or hot water coils, electric heaters as well as combinations with gas boilers, biofuel boilers ( including almond shells) or air recirculation assemblies, heat recovery or preheating by solar thermal energy.

Continuous Coolers

Borrell® manufactures continuous stainless steel belt coolers with high efficiency, capacity and performance.

Our systems use a uniform air flow that is forced to cross the product bed from top to bottom, obtaining a homogeneous and efficient cooling of the product.

The coolers are of modular construction, incorporate thermal insulation on the surfaces and are available in all-stainless steel versions.

The range of equipment includes systems that work with room air or with air cooling systems, depending on the requirements of the process.

We offer special models optimized to be integrated into other manufacturers' steam pasteurization lines for almonds or pistachios, with capacities of up to 15,000 lb/h.

Air sterilization systems by UV lamps are available as an option in systems that use refrigerated air, with or without air recirculation.

Silo type batch dryers

Borrell® supplies silo-type pneumatic dryers specially designed for drying almonds efficiently using low temperatures.

Our design uses a double perforated cone system in combination with a pneumatic circuit and cylinder designed to maximize drying uniformity and energy savings.

This type of equipment is an interesting alternative in small and medium-sized production lines, due to its low maintenance and efficiency, since the high storage capacity allows long drying times.

The low operating temperatures allow multiple sources of heat when required, including hot water boilers with gas or biofuel burners, electric heaters, heat pumps or dehumidifiers or solar thermal installations.

Almond Flour Machines

Ultra Fine Almond Flour Machines

Our renewed range of flour mills, developed in collaboration with our partners at Mejisa®, are without equal in performance and produce Ultra-Fine flour of unbeatable quality.

Some standout features:

  • Double and triple vertical pass models and various capacities, up to 3,000 lb/hr.
  • Stainless steel machined rolls with precision adjustment system.
  • Built-in water circuit cooling system for the rolls, to maintain the optimum temperature of the process.
  • Low operation cost and maintenance
  • Built-in grinder machine or option of mounting it separately.
  • Unbeatable quality
  • Borrell® or Russel Finex® Sifters suitable in complete lines.
  • Water cooler not included, to be purchased or supplied separately
  • Solid design
  • Built to last

Regular Almond Flour Machines

Borrell® offers almond mills for the production of high quality flour with grain size >0.8 mm.

These machines are robust and reliable, with double pass systems for producing meal or flour

Standout features:

  • Various models and production capacities available, models up to 2,000 lb/hr
  • Granite stone rollers with precision adjustment system
  • Optional air cooling system for the machine, to maintain the optimum temperature of the process.
  • Low operation cost and maintenance
  • Built-in grinder machine or option of mounting it separately.
  • Borrell® or Russel Finex® Sifters suitable in complete lines.
  • Solid design
  • Built to last

Almond Grinders

We supply grinder-type machines with different characteristics and capacities to grind almonds and other nuts.

Usually this machine is paired with a refining mill to produce flour, but it can also be offered as an independent unit.

The machines use stainless steel rollers with teeth of different designs depending on the machine model and process requirements. The rollers are adjustable by means of a precision mechanism and are driven by motors with gearboxes.

The machines are designed with easy-open covers for easy cleaning and maintenance. These machines are suitable for use with either blanched or natural, skin-on almonds.

We have a wide catalog of additional machinery suitable for feeding the machine as well as sieves and sifters to screen the processed product.


FAM Centris® Slicers

Borrell® supplies the FAM Centris® M400 Slicer machine for high capacity and high yield sliced almond production applications.

This special version designed for almonds and other nuts was developed thanks to our partnership with FAM® and STUMABO®, manufacturers of advanced food cutting systems & high-quality cutting blades

  • Extremely precise centrifugal cutting principle with new and innovative patented cutting head technology.
  • Different impellers available depending on the application.
  • Impellers have round edges and vertical grooves to guide the product perfectly.
  • The 100% stainless steel cutting head weighs 26 lb (12 kg), has 16 cutting segments and a reduced amount of parts, which simplifies assembly.
  • Rigid, seamless welded frame with no flat surfaces.
  • Equipped with a very robust and reliable Direct Drive System.
  • No expensive gear box that requires continuous maintenance.
  • Equipped with a 2.2 kW (3HP) motor AC three phase stainless steel motor for low energy consumption and designed for easy sanitation and washdown.
  • Electrical control panel included
  • Designed according to CE, FDA and HACCP regulations.
  • Continuous production of up to 4.400 lb.h, approx. (whole meats, clean of foreign material, moisture content between 7% - 8%, and advisable temperature range of 75°C - 85°C, or 167°F - 185°F).

Borrell® Slivering Machines

Our new range of machines to produce almond slivers offers exceptional cut quality and high performance.

Main features:

  • Hygienic design, easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Solid stainless steel construction.
  • Advanced dosing and guiding system.
  • Blades and cutting head powered by FAM®.
  • Precise adjustment of the cut.
  • Different sets of knives and spacers for different widths of the slivered produced.
  • High yield and high quality of the processed product.

For proper operation of this range of machines, the product must be previously thermally conditioned and in suitable conditions.

Borrell® offers suitable thermal conditioners/plasticizers/elasticizers equipment to obtain the best results.

Almond Splitting Machines

Our machines to obtain halves of almonds or splits cut the kernel of the whole almonds into two halves with great quality and performance.

Unlike the halves obtained during processing or due to almond defects, the splits obtained with this machine show a more regular shape, a quality that is appreciated by high value-added market segments, for use in high value-added products made or decorated with almonds.

This cut quality also makes the machine very useful and recommended in the manufacturing processes of very high quality slivered almonds, since by using the halves previously cut by the machine, outstanding quality and performance improvements are obtained in the slivers.

The machine uses a similar adjustable roll system that shares parts with our almond blanchers, so the rolls are interchangeable between machines and use the same advanced eccentric adjustment and regulation system.

In these machines, only one pair of rollers is necessary (the width and capacity of the machine are modular). Between the rollers there is a machined blade made of long-lasting special steel that can be easily removed and sharpened when required.

The rollers are inserted through the side of the machine and can be quickly assembled and disassembled, which together with the hygienic design of the machine facilitate fast and effective sanitization.

FAM FlexiFam® 3D Dicer

Borrell® supplies the FAM FlexiFAM® 3D cutting machine, capable of producing diced almonds of exceptional uniformity and regular shape.

The FAM FlexiFAM® machine performs 3 simultaneous cuts with an advanced and reliable blade system, obtaining exceptional performance and quality results.

Some outstanding features:

  • Solid stainless steel construction.
  • Capable of cutting almonds with skin (natural/whole) or blanched.
  • Low humidity and temperature requirements of the processed product, available Borrell® thermal conditioning equipment.
  • Optional clean-in-place system.
  • Integrated control panel
  • Trapped key interlocking safety system prevents access to the cutting area during machine operation.
  • Available compact and easy-to-use blade sharpening machine and different separator sets to obtain different sizes.

For other diced almond production applications with lower requirements for consistency of shape and size, Borrell® also offers high-quality, high-performance grinder-type machines, see available options.


Our range of Taming Sun® continuous roasters meets the most demanding needs for roasting almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, other nuts, peanuts and seeds.

Designed for efficient operation and reliable operation.

Learn about some of its outstanding features:

  • Built with quality materials and finishes.
  • Available in two width sizes and multiple length configurations, modular construction, expandable.
  • New improved perforated stainless steel belt designs.
  • All models include the continuous belt, doors and main panels made of stainless steel.
  • Chassis and roller chain option in carbon steel or stainless steel.
  • Automatic roller chain tensioning system with torque and overload sensors.
  • Hygienic design, great accessibility, large surface doors with safety locks on all sides to facilitate sanitization, inspection and maintenance.
  • High efficiency internal thermal insulation in walls, doors and panels, manufactured with continuous welding.
  • Recirculation and/or heat recovery systems available, for energy efficient operation.
  • Models available with or without high performance forced-flow cooling modules.
  • New improved aerodynamic design for uniform and homogeneous toasting.
  • Choice of gas or electric heat source. Available with PLC or computer control panel and Borrell PlantManager® software.
  • Compatible with gas burners from the main manufacturers, low emission models "Low NOx" and "Ultra-low NOx" available.

Correct sizing and configuration are critical in this type of equipment to ensure maximum energy efficiency and the best roasting quality. We study the requirements and needs of each client and project to recommend the appropriate design, contact us for more information without obligation.

Batch Roasters

Ball-type roasters are an alternative for high-quality roasted almonds or other nuts.

The ball-shaped design made of stainless steel and its rotating mechanism guarantee a homogeneous distribution of heat. This system is particularly suitable for small productions, although there is the possibility of installing equipment in parallel and automating the filling, control and unloading operations.

The roasting process is carried out by loading batches into the roaster, which has a system to carry out the filling and emptying operation comfortably and quickly.

The toaster has a control panel for its operation with a timer and control of the heat source.

The standard version is equipped with a gas burner and electric, infrared and induction models are available. Other available options are non-contact temperature sensors, feeding and conveying systems, including cooling vibratory conveyors and other accessories.

This machine is offered by Borrell® in collaboration with our preferred partner Mejisa® and several models are offered, available with load capacities between 220 lbs. and 660 lbs.

Thermal Treatment & Pasteurization

Plasticizers & Thermal Conditioners

Borrell® offers advanced systems for the thermal conditioning required by almonds for cutting processes (slicing, slivering and 3D cutting).

We manufacture patented systems with controlled steam injection that also provide the optimal temperature and humidity to the almonds for plasticity and perfect cutting, also allowing us to process and cut natural almonds, with skin, and dry almonds such as those stored in cold storage.

This system provides the possibility of optionally obtaining pasteurization certification.

We also have thermal conditioning equipment, plasticizers, which work by IR irradiation or by recirculated hot air flow, very reliable and efficient systems, perfect for conditioning the product for cutting when the humidity is adequate for the process.

Quality Control & Optical Sorting Lines

Inspection and quality control processes are especially critical in the food industry, which is why they deserve a careful selection of equipment and its implementation.

At Borrell® we help you choose the right equipment and we supply everything you need for reliable operation with maximum performance and efficiency. We have more than 30 years of experience integrating optical sorters, metal detection and X-ray inspection equipment.

We have sets of platforms, feeding systems, product conditioning, gentle conveyors, aspiration and dust collection systems ready to fit with the most advanced machines from premium manufacturers such as Tomra®, Mettler Toledo® or ThermoFisher®, among others. .

Storage, Weighing & Packing


For the transitory storage and handling of almonds during processing, we have a wide catalog of bins of different sizes, capacities and designs, most suitable for general uses and others special for specific applications, such as the transfer of flour or the handling of wet product.

There are designs with a lower emptying system, by means of a gate, or models that need to be turned over for emptying. They can be made of carbon steel or stainless steel and have multiple configuration options, such as special discharge gates for flour, top covers, non-slip systems, etc.

We also offer all the additional equipment necessary for filling and emptying, including bin supports and bin tippers.

Almond storage

We supply silos and hoppers of all kinds and capacity to store almonds and other nuts properly.

Our silos and hoppers are specifically designed to store almonds and hazelnuts.

  • We offer cylindrical designs, with one or two cones, square and rectangular. The silos, hoppers and surge bins are also optionally available in versions built with stainless steel.
  • Our silos, hoppers and surge bins fit perfectly into our shelling and processing lines at all stages.
  • A wide range of additional equipment is available (screw conveyors, multi-discharge belts, elevators, feeders, automatic samplers,dust collection systems, continuous scales for production control level sensors and control systems)

Continuous & Batch Scales

We supply scales for continuous weighing of production and packaging scales, both for bags, big bags, or boxes.

Our continuous scales are easily integrated into our production lines and have a new control software that allows you to control and capture data in a simple and safe way. We have models of different capacities and built in carbon steel or stainless steel depending on the customer's preferences.

We offer packaging scale systems that integrate certified scales from Mettler Toledo® and other suppliers, as well as complete automatic or semi-automatic lines for weighing and packaging large volumes per hour.

Almond Milk, Butter & Paste Machines

H-MP3 Grinder Press

Compact machines to make almond drinks/beverages of high nutritional quality in an easy and safe way.

It is a compact and affordable machine, for craft productions, small industrial productions, catering or domestic use.

The almonds are grinded and squeezed directly while a constant flow of water is added.

The proportions can be adjusted to obtain "almond milk" with almond concentrations between 2 and 20%, depending on the desired final quality.

The machine works with whole almonds, natural or roasted, with skin or blanched.

Contact us for more information or to arrange a no obligation demo at our facility in Merced, CA.

H-MP3-C Grinder Press

Continuous operation machine to make almond soft drinks/drinks of high nutritional quality in an easy and safe way.

This machine works in a similar way to the H-MP3 but offers the possibility of continuous operation by incorporating a system for constantly emptying the pulp or okara produced during the process. Production is up to 33 gal/hr (150 l/hr) and use of chilled water is recommended to maintain consistent quality.

The proportions and % almond concentration can be easily controlled by means of the PLC control panel integrated in the machine.

Full stainless steel construction. Includes hopper, flow tap, lock-gates,continous discharge, stainsteel grinders, motor, screw conveyor and gearbox.

Contact us for more information or to arrange a no obligation demo at our facility in Merced, CA.

Almond Paste / Ice Cream / Nougat

In collaboration with our partner Mejisa®, we offer you its extensive catalog of machines for the production of products made with almonds and other nuts, among which the following stand out:

  • Manufacture of almond paste and marzipan.
  • Preparation of nougat and caramelized almonds.
  • Manufacture of ice cream of all kinds.
  • Baking of almonds and derivatives.

Contact us for more information and to discover all the high added value processing possibilities that we can offer you.

Automation & Software

Borrell® supplies electrical control panels for all its machines and for the process control of plants and complete installations. We integrate electrical and electronic components from leading manufacturers and our own electronic components.

Control solutions based on PLCs or computers are available, with standard HMI/SCADA functionalities, data capture and export, as well as customized solutions and programming.

  • Introducing Borrell PlantManager®, our new machine and production line control software with powerful new features for process control, industrial communication, data capture and reporting.
  • Control panels can be optionally ordered with UL label, Borrell® factory is listed at UL 508A Industrial Control Panels Registration, categories NITW and NITW7
  • New Borrell Automation® digital and analog I/O boards with ethernet connection and Modbus® TCP protocol support
  • Option to integrate PLCs and components from Rockwell® / Allen Bradley®, Siemens®, Beckhoff®, among others.
  • Everything you need for motion control: VFDs, servomotors, motor controllers and components for the control, distribution & monitoring of electrical power.
  • Large selection and inventory of electrical, pneumatic and electronic sensors, devices and components.

Accessories & additional equipment

Additional equipment for processing lines

Borrell® supplies additional equipment tested and ready to fit in our processing lines for almonds, hazelnuts and other nuts.

  • We supply dust collectors, bag houses and all kinds of filters for air treatment, manufactured in-house and from other brands such as Donaldson® and Aisval Garibo®.
  • We collaborate with suppliers of steam and hot water boilers, gas and other fuel burners as well as other heat sources, including renewable energies.
  • We offer air and water cooling equipment, air compressors, UV air purification equipment and water treatment equipment.

Accessories & Spare Parts

  • We supply all kinds of ducts, chutes and accessories for air ducts and for the flow and transition of the product between machines.
  • We have a large inventory of spare parts, accessories and special parts for Borrell® machines.
  • Extensive catalog of hardware and steel tools, including stainless steel, both metric and standard/imperial available.
  • Large inventory of electric motors, gearboxes, fans, bearings, belts, roller chains and other components always avilable
  • We have available a multitude of electrical components, spare parts and accessories for process control.

Any questions left?

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our machines, visit us or ask us to visit you without obligation. We will be happy to try to help you better understand our wide range of machines and equipment for almonds and other nuts.