We offer machines that completely cover all stages of processing of almonds, from cleaning after harvesting to final quality control and packaging for the customer and consumer, including processes such as:

Our range of products and solutions is huge, below are some outstanding machines manufactured by BORRELL® and other partners such as FAM®, Mejisa®, Cox & Plant®, among others.

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Almond Hullers & Pre-Hullers

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  • New, improved and patented BORRELL® Rotary Hullers!
  • Great hulling quality, produces high in-shell % and low meats.
  • High capacity, up to 25,000 lb/h
  • Easy cleaning and low maintenance requiriments, no rubber parts.
  • Built-in VFD and torque control.
  • New interchangeable sizes or adjustable/self cleaning models.
  • Can handle higher moisture product.
  • Suitable for all almond varieties (Non-pareil, Carmel, Mission, Marcona, Guara, Ferragnes, etc)

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Almond Shellers & Crackers


  • BORRELL® Shear Roll 4th Generation
  • Solid, reliable and smooth design.
  • Easy adjustments and maintenance.
  • Standard belt and built-in VFD control.
  • High capacity, up to 25,000 lb/h

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  • BORRELL® Universal Crackers for Almonds and Hazelnuts.
  • New high capacity, all-sizes models.
  • 10th generation system, leading technology since 1925.
  • Almonds are sized, cracked and shelled one by one using 10 or 15 hammer-like bars.
  • Balanced double-deck sizer with optimized pitch, no size adjustments needed.
  • Easy and quick maintenance.
  • Improved design, higher quality shelling process, minimal product damage (splits, brokens)
  • The best sheller for hard and semi-hard almond varieties.
  • Up to 15,000 lb/h in-shell input.
  • Stainless steels doors, screens and hoppers.

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Sorting, Cleaning & Pre-Cleaning



  • BORRELL® Separators 8th Generation
  • All-in-one sizers and aspirators. From 1 to 4 airlegs.
  • Different sizes available, models from 5,000 to 25,000 lb/h.
  • Different screen types available.
  • Easy adjustments, reliable and accurate sorting.
LJ6A4952 HDR 1224x816
  • Borrell SMART SORTER® 3rd Generation.
  • Advanced gravity sorter.
  • Improved airflow balance, easier adjustment and accurancy.
  • High quality sorting, clean accept & reject.
  • Multiple applications for meat cleaning, FM removal and ideal as a hash cleaner prior to optical sorting.
  • Computer controlled, built-in touchscreen, VFDs and load control
  • FM Cleaners/Separators: De-stoners, De-stickers, De-twiggers & Screeners.
  • Wide range of sizes and sorter types for foreign material removal and product cleaning.
  • Capacities from 5,000 lb/h to 50,000 lb/h
  • Heavy duty and solid design, minimum maintenance and maximum performance.

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Sizers, Shaker Decks & Feeders



  • BORRELL® Single, doble or triple deck Sizers & Shakers.
  • Single or multiple floors or sections.
  • From 2 to 10 sizes
  • Wide variety of models depending the application, models with motovibrators or eccentric push rod.
  • Wide variety of screens types and accesories
  • Huge range of capacities: models from 1,000 lb/h to 25,000 lb/h

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Blanching / Peeling



  • BORRELL® Scalders & Blanchers for Almonds
  • Hot water & Steam or steam only scalders:
    • Low water consumption
    • No plastic parts/chain
    • High thermal efficiency
    • High quality scalding.
    • Models available for 1,200 lb/h, 3,000 and 6,000 lb/h


  • Almond blanchers:
    • Hygienic design
    • Safe & accessible
    • Easy & fast sanitation
    • Low maintemnence.
    • Exclusive modular roller system, ligh rolls, easy on and off.
    • Patentend electronic roller adjustment system
    • High quality blanching.

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Cutting: Slicing, Slivering, Dicing, 3D Cutting




  • FAM Centris® Slicers for Almonds.
    • State of the art, patented, high performance slicer by FAM Cutting Technologies.
    • High quality cutting and yield.
    • High capacity: up to 4,000 lb/h
    • Low moisture required (5.5-6.5 %)
    • More cutting stations allow lower speeds and longer blades lifetime.
    • Low maintenence and fast ROI.
    • Direct transmission, stainless steel motor.
    • Built-in VFD control.
    • NEMA 4X, hygienic design.
  • BORRELL® Slivering machines.
    • New and improved design, dual shaft cutting system
    • Hygienic design.
    • High quality cut
    • Models for 1,200 lb/h, 2,500 lb/h and 4,000 lb/h.
    • Models available suitable for dicing (accesorie required)
    • Built-in VFD control and feeding system.
  • BORRELL® Dicers
    • Simple and reliable
    • Hygienic and modular design
    • Big dice models (cross-cut) available.
    • Adjustable dice size
    • Stainless steel rollers.
    • Models for 1,200 and 2,500 lb/h.
  • FAM FlexiFAM® 3D Cutter
    • Perfect cubes
    • 3D Cut
    • Different cube size availble (require to replace blades/separators)
    • High quality cut.
    • Capacity up to 2,500 lb/h

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Milling: Regular and Ultra-fine Almond Meal/Flour



  • BORRELL® by MEJISA Almond Milling machines.
  • Stainless steel (Ultra-fine almond flour) or stone rollers (regular almond flour).
  • Models with 3 and 4 rollers + dicing rollers.
  • Improved water-cooled system, insulated, stainless steel rollers (Ultra-fine models)
  • High quality flour, low oil or granules produced.
  • Easy sanitation and low maintenance needs.
  • Easy adjustments.
  • Models for 1,000 lb/h to 3,000 lb/h

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Dryers & Coolers


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  • BORRELL® Multi-Pass Dryers for Almonds, New Generation.
  • Modular system, improved system, reliable.
  • High thermal efficiency, balanced recirculation system.
  • High drying performance.
  • Wide range of capacities: 4 or 6 passes, from 1,500 lb/h to 10,000 lb/h
  • Model available for 4.5% or 2% final moisture.
  • Higienic design.
  • Suitable with steam, hot water or gas burners as heat source.


  • BORRELL® Modular Coolers for Almonds.
  • Modular system, from 2,000 lb/h to 25,000 lb/h
  • With or without air recirculation, depending the environment.
  • Suitable with ambient air or cooled air.
  • Very high performance.

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Roasters for Almonds, Hazelnuts & other Nuts

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  • BORRELL® Taming Sun® Single-Pass Roasters & Dryers.
  • High thermal performance, air recirculation system.
  • Stainless steel belt system.
  • Solid improved design.
  • Include cooler section in most models.
  • Different wides available and modular, expandable, system.
  • Easy sanitation.
  • Models from 1,500 to 10,000 lb/h.
  • Several options for control and temperature monitorting.
  • Suitable for dry roast pasteurization system (requires additional options and on-site certification)

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Pasteurization & Thermal Conditioners

  • PICT0020 edit 1224x813BORRELL® Patented Pasteurization & Product conditioner.
  • BORRELL®  Continuos Belt-type pasteurizer.

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Almond Milk, Almond Paste & Almond Butter


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In cooperation with our partners we supply almond milk machines for batch and/or continuos production and other machines for almond paste, butter, ice-cream and more.

  • Very high quality almond milk.
  • Uses whole almonds (natural or blanched) or brokens or pieces.
  • Almond pulp (okara)  produced is edible for dehidration and low-fat almond flour milling.
  • Affordable models
  • Easy operation and maintenance.

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Conveying & Storage


  • BORRELL® Vibratory Conveyors
  • BORRELL® Belt Conveyors
  • BORRELL® Z & C Type Bucket Elevators
  • BORRELL® Screw / Auger Conveyors.
  • Silos, Hoppers & Feeders.
  • COX & PLANT® Spiral Vibratory Elevators
  • COX & PLANT® Electromanetic Conveyors & Feeders


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Weighing, Packing & Traceability


  • Continuous and Batch-type Scales & Weighers.
  • Traceability Software
  • Packing systems (Big-bags, boxes, sacks, bags)

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Quality Control &  Optical sorting lines

Automation, Software Development

Consulting, Engineering and more!

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Machines & Equipment for Almonds, Hazelnuts, Pistachios, Walnuts, other Nuts and Seeds

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