Distributor and Sizer BORRELL for almonds and hazelnuts.

High production.

Easy to clean.

Suitable for hulling, peeling, shelling and sorting process.

The new Distributor/Sizer BORRELL is the result of the redesign and improvement of a classic BORRELL machine. Provides a high efficiency for the separation, distribution and/or classification of grain husks, skins and other items depending on their size. 

Suitable for almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, pecans, pistachios processing and also for products with a high amount of sugar, like carobs.

It is the perfect solution for the separation of a large quantity of product. It has two trays/boxes with two outputs each.

Its easy cleaning, simplicity of construction and the arrangement of the trays in different levels make easy to access all parts for proper hygiene.

Stainless Steel Option (On request). AISI 316

Broad range of combinations of screens and accessories available (aspirators, dust collectors, on-screens and others).


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